MSC16 Speaker Presentations

photexSpeaker and poster presentations from MSC16 are available below in order in which they were presented, and are saved in minimized PDF format.
If you wish to have a full PPT version of the presentation, please contact the speaker directly.

Keynote Address

  • RAdm. Art McDonald – PDF

Special Presentation – Where the Land Meets the Sea

  • Ms. Kerry Lynn Nankivell – PDF

Panel 1 – Challenges in the Regional Maritime Environment

Panel 2 – Creating a Comprehensive Maritime Strategy

Lunch Presentation – Political Will and Naval Renewal

  • Dr. Alessio Patalano – Not available, please contact speaker

Panel 3 – Challenges in Renewing Maritime Capabilities

Panel 4 – Game Changers – Technical Advancements in the Maritime Realm

Debate: The Future of Maritime Activity in the Arctic

  • Mr. Steve Carmel – PDF
  • Dr. Rob Huebert – PDF

Special Presentation – Maritime Militia, the unofficial maritime agency

  • Mr. Conor Kennedy – PDF
  • For further information on Maritime Militias please see the links below:
    • Click here for a paper presented at the Center for Naval Analyses China as a Maritime Power Conference that provides a detailed and comprehensive review of China’s Maritime Militia.
    • Center for International Maritime Security Series on Hainan’s Key Maritime Militia units:
    • Click here for an article in the National Interest providing insight into how to deal with the challenges China’s Maritime Militia present.

Lunch Presentation –  US Policy in the Asia-Pacific at a Crossroads of a New White House

  • Ms. Bonnie Glaser – Not available, please contact speaker

Special Presentation – Pulling Back the Curtain on the North Korean Navy

  • Mr. Joseph Bermudez, Jr. – Not available, please contact speaker

Panel 5 – Prospects for Maritime Security Cooperation